Rehab Week 2019

Mark Stephan presenting to Rehab Week 2019

A great perk of my work is that when I'm called in it is often because something important needs to be recorded. There is a good chance it will also be compelling and inspiring.

A major highlight of the Rehab Week 2019 conference in Toronto was the keynote speakers. Each of the speakers are leaders in their fields and spoke from the heart, sharing their knowledge, expertise and experiences. Slides and videos were crisp and to the point, allowing space to communicate information and tell stories.

Looking back at the pictures, I am reminded of the motivation they inspired across the conference. My job is to ensure that I have captured those special moments ensuring when my clients and their clients see those pictures they will feel the same way, and that they have done a great job by engaging those speakers. I can also rest assured that I have done my job well.

The speakers pictured here are, Mark Stephan Dr. David Putrino & Dr. Geoff Fernie David Putrino presenting to Rehab Week 2019