"Chairish" Exhibition

Greetings all! A heads up that the shop EcoChair in Basel, Breisacherstrasse 66 is continuing to show my pictures from our exhibition "Chairish". Here is the link exhibition itself Chairish

From there you can navigate to the excellent services that the shop provides.

Here is the link to viewing the pictures from the exhibition EcoChair exhibition

However it is great to see the pictures in situ.

The shop itself is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. I hope that you can make it!










Great news for all art lovers in Basel! The EcoChair shop on Breisacherstrasse 66 is still showcasing the beautiful pictures from the "Chairish" exhibition. Check out the link to view the exhibition and the shop's services. It's even better to see the pictures in person, so make sure to stop by the shop on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!
The Chairish link is not working. Where can I find more photos from the exhibition?
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