Shooting the boss

I had a job the other day to photograph team pictures and products for a young tech company called "qiio" that produces micro chips. It is straight forward work that produces pictures of a subject that can be used to give the company website a professional look.

Portrait of CEO of "qioo" Adam AdamczykPortrait of CEO of "qioo" Adam Adamczyk








As a rule I ask the client that while they have a professional photographer present can they imagine using pictures for any other context? For example to illustrate an article or press release with the CEO answering questions explaining his strategy for the company.













My contact at "qiio" then said they may need pictures to illustrate a magazine article. That is more unusual as the magazines usually provide their own photographer.

However the CEO Felix Adamczyk was able to give the time and was open to trying out any ideas that came to our minds. The challenges were certainly interesting, how to show a product that is so small yet at the same time show the CEO of the company, how to photograph a person holding an award made of glass which in most lighting will be so transparent as to be illegible.

Below are the results