What to do during a lockdown in Switzerland

Cycling buddy Kate Cyclist on a track in the mountains above Evolène, in the Valais

It has been a funny year with many industries feeling the pain from this pandemic. Anyone involved in the event industry will have experienced a challenging year, and yet other industries are simply thriving. Who had heard of “Zoom” before all this started, who hasn't wished they had invested in tech stocks early on in this pandemic, and who would have thought that this was a great time to be in the bicycle business!

Switzerland has positively encouraged people to get out and exercise,. Even during the height of the lockdown exercise was permitted. I was one of those to take advantage of this, and as a photographer I gave myself the challenge of carrying an extra 2 kilos on my bike to bring along my professional camera for whenever the scenery and weather looked as if they would be conducive to photography. I set myself the goal of never travelling the same route twice and also cycling ten thousand kilometres within the year. This has been largely confined to Switzerland but hey that is about as good as it gets anyway.

I haven’t managed ten thousand pictures from all my adventures, but a summary of those pictures can be found in this link which I have turned into a calendar. I hope you like them. I live in a stunning country; I am grateful that even at my “youthful" age I can still ride around a corner and say Wow! at a new and glorious discovery. And there is so much more to discover!

Here is the link to the pictures viewed on this blog and the remaining months of the calendar.


They are available for sale, drop me a line if you are interested.


AugustThe walking bit of the bike ride near Melchsee-Frutt

JuneTrees in a pasture in Basel Land DecemberAbove the clouds covering the village of Worb near Bern. The Bernese Oberland looming in the background